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Creating page categories
by Quantumjelly Support on May 26, 2009
Type: Tutorial
Organising your information into categories

Organising Your Site : Creating Page Categories

Onceyou have created a home page you'll need to create at least onecategory for your additional pages to sit under. You can think of pagecategories as virtual folders that help to organise the information onyour website.

It might pay to sit down with pen andpaper before hand and map out the information you might want to includeon your site. This way you can decide on the best names for categoriesyour pages will sit within.

Create a new category

Once you're ready, click on the Create a New Category Link.

Type a name for your category. This name is displayed above groups of pages within the website navigation.

Oftenthese categories can expand and collapse to reveal and hide the pagesthey contain. This can be useful if your site contains many pages. Thefirst part of the Menu State section (Open / Closed) refers to whetheror not your navigation is expanded or collapsed when people initiallyland at your site.

Page Categories

Youcan set the category to be Open (expanded) or Closed (collapsed) bydefault. After someone has clicked on a category to expand or collapseit, the website will remember how the user has left the category attheir next page view (expanded or collapsed). An image is probablyworth a thousand words here. Below is an image of a collapsed (closed)navigation menu and beside it on the right is the same menu with thetop category expanded or open to reveal the pages that reside under it.

Menu Categories

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